Whichever sport you play: whether you play at international or entry level; BLK teamwear is custom made and personalised for you and your team. BLK teamwear utilises our own state of the art manufacturing facilities and incorporates exclusive BLK fabric technologies.

We have a dedicated distribution network and customer service team and provide a unique, online Teamwear design service. Our intimate understanding of team requirements has led us to develop quality BLK teamwear options that cater for all budgets .


 We have a dedicated customer service team to ensure you always have somebody to talk to when you want an update on your order.

Our reputation for meeting our customers's highest quality expectations and tightest delivery times may be why so many teams now wear the BLK brand.

Ultimately it is all about performance. BLK harnesses the intelligence of the world's most innovative fabric technologies to create gear that works, breathes and thinks like an athlete.


We are well known for supplying innovative fabrics and cutting edge products. We test our products and fabrics on real people who play the game and live for the sport.

Personal visits from our Sales Representatives can be arranged if required

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